24 days of Rust - the conclusion

Important note: this article is outdated! Go to http://zsiciarz.github.io/24daysofrust/ for a recent version of all of 24 days of Rust articles. The blogpost here is kept as it is for historical reasons.

So, 24 days have passed since the first article in the series. This means, sadly, 24 days of Rust is coming to an end. I hope you learned something from my articles or at least found something interesting about Rust to dive in. For me it was a great experience too, I learned a ton while doing this. Sometimes it was stressful too - breaking changes coming to rustc on a daily basis meant a considerable amount of work! A few times I had an already drafted article on some subject, only to discover the code blows up with the newest nightly and I have to change the topic. So here I go looking for something that works on that day, or fixing dependencies of dependencies just to make the examples compile. But no more complaining - there's something very positive I wanted to say today.


And that positive thing is a huge THANK YOU to everybody who read my articles, commented or critiqued. Your feedback is invaluable and it helped me get motivated to write more. Doesn't matter if it was in person or on Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News - thanks, you're awesome! Rusty Holidays to all of you!

24 days of Rust 2014 - archive

Here's a complete set of links for the series, all in one place:

Where to go from here?

I'm hoping to write more about Rust, so stay tuned. Meanwhile there are a few other resources worth checking out:

The header photo (taken by me) shows the Oslofjord from the roof of the Opera House in Oslo.