24 days of Rust - git2

Most of software developers are to some extent familar with Git. This version control system won our hearts even though it is not perfect. Practicality beats purity, as quoted from The Zen of Python.

But Git is not only the git executable. It's the entire ecosystem around Git that made it so successful - IDE integrations, hosting services and third-party tools and libraries. One of these is a very popular C library called libgit2 which implements Git APIs (although git itself doesn't use libgit2 and probably never will). There are bindings to libgit2 in many languages, but we're interested primarily in Rust, right? The git2 crate provides safe Rust bindings.

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Written on Dec. 16, 2016

GitHub i Django

W jednym z djangowych projektów chciałem wyświetlać na stronie informacje o ostatnim commicie z repozytorium Gita. GitHub daje do tego eleganckie REST-owe API, więc pozostało tylko podpiąć wywołanie API pod szablon Django.

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Written on April 18, 2010