24 days of Rust - tera

tera is a pure Rust templating engine. Those familiar with Django, Jinja2 or Twig will feel right at home with tera, as its syntax is very similar. tera is still very young and may not be as feature complete as, say, Jinja2. However it is actively developed and the maintainer is very open to new contributions, so feel free to tackle some issues!

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Written on Dec. 15, 2016

Global revision log with django-reversion

If you ever needed to track changes to model instances in your Django code, you probably stumbled upon django-reversion (and if you didn't, I highly recommend it). It's a great way to add version control to your models and keep history of changes. For every model class registered with reversion the history view in Django administration panel gets the ability to rollback to previous versions. However, there is no central place to display a global log of all changes. Fortunately, it is quite easy to add.

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Written on April 23, 2013


Ponad półtora roku minęło od poprzedniego wpisu. W międzyczasie zdążyło wyjść Django 1.4, artykuł o Sentry się mocno zdezaktualizował, a ja przeprowadziłem się do Warszawy. Zaniedbałem bloga, ale mam nadzieję że z tym wpisem wrócę do częstszego pisania.

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Written on July 11, 2012