24 days of Rust - cargo subcommands

Welcome to the second edition of 24 Days of Rust!

Two years ago in December 2014 the first edition was pretty well received by the Rust community. That was a hard time - we were still before the 1.0 release of the language. I had to keep up with updating my examples day by day since almost every nightly broke something. Even so, I managed to publish all 24 blogposts on schedule :-)

This year I'm back with another series of articles about Rust tools and libraries. The languge is at version 1.13 as I'm writing this introduction. It's definitely more stable and mature at this point than it was in those savage pre-1.0 times. Some of my examples will probably still require a nightly release, but I'll try to keep them updated when relevant features get into stable.

With that, let's dive in into our first topic, which is....

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Written on Nov. 29, 2016

24 days of Rust - Cargo and crates.io

Important note: this article is outdated! Go to http://zsiciarz.github.io/24daysofrust/ for a recent version of all of 24 days of Rust articles. The blogpost here is kept as it is for historical reasons.

Inspired by Ollie Charles and his excellent 24 days of Hackage series, I'm going to try and introduce you to a number of Rust language features, useful libraries and cool projects built with Rust. In fact this is a learning opportunity for me too - as much as I love Rust, I'm just diving in. If you think I'm wrong or know an interesting library you want me to write about, feel free to comment!

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Written on Dec. 1, 2014