24 days of Rust - the conclusion

So, 24 days have passed since the first article in the series. This means, sadly, 24 days of Rust is coming to an end. I hope you learned something from my articles or at least found something interesting about Rust to dive in. For me it was a great experience too, I learned a ton while doing this. Sometimes it was stressful too - breaking changes coming to rustc on a daily basis meant a considerable amount of work! A few times I had an already drafted article on some subject, only to discover the code blows up with the newest nightly and I have to change the topic. So here I go looking for something that works on that day, or fixing dependencies of dependencies just to make the examples compile. But no more complaining - there's something very positive I wanted to say today.

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Written on Dec. 24, 2014

24 days of Rust - calling Rust from other languages

In this penultimate episode of the 24 days of Rust article series we will focus on using Rust code from other languages. Since Rust libraries can expose a C API and calling conventions, using them isn't very different from using regular C libraries. A lot of programming languages have some kind of an FFI mechanism, allowing them to use libraries written in other language(s). Let's see a few examples!

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Written on Dec. 23, 2014

24 days of Rust - built with Rust

Today I'm not going to focus on any specific tool or library. Instead this blogpost will be a showcase of cool things built with Rust. Even though the language is still before 1.0 (but we're getting there!), there are already a few interesting projects out in the wild.

And I don't mean only development libraries - I've been writing about them for the last three weeks :-)

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Written on Dec. 22, 2014

24 days of Rust - rust-crypto

The rust-crypto crate is a collection of a lot of cryptography primitives and algorithms. There are tools for calculating hashes, verifying data integrity, encryption etc. One disclaimer - it hasn't had a proper security audit yet and although the algorithms are well known and researched, the library itself might have security bugs. But which one doesn't?

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Written on Dec. 21, 2014

24 days of Rust - zeromq

ZeroMQ is a language-independent messaging solution. It's not a full-fledged system such as for example RabbitMQ, basically it's just a transport layer. From the programmer's perspective working with it doesn't differ much from ordinary sockets, but there's a lot of power hidden underneath. The zeromq crate is a native Rust implementation and while still lacking a lot of features, it is already usable today.

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Written on Dec. 20, 2014